Judo Grand Prix, Baku 2014 DAY 2 Back

May 10, 2014

-63kg | -70kg | -73kg | -81kg 


The Baku Grand Slam continued on Saturday as the second day served up a spectacular instalment at the Sarhadchi Olympic Sport Centre.


The enthusiastic Azerbaijan fans saw four weight categories take to the tatami in search of Grand Slam honours as the women’s -63kg and -70kg categories and men’s-73kg and -81kg categories were all in action.


Baku’s leading judo event, which is now in its second year, is one of four Grand Slams on the IJF World Judo Tour. With the Rio 2016 Olympic qualification phase set to start athletes have their eyes on the 500 ranking points available for winning gold at a Grand Slam which is only second to this year’s World Championships.


A total of $156,000 in prize money is distributed at showpiece Grand Slam events to the medallists including $5,000 for each of the 14 gold medallists.


After two days of action, France are still top of the medal table with two medals of each colour with hosts Azerbaija remaining second with a medal haul of one gold medal, one silver and three bronze.


On Sunday, the three-day competition will be come to a stirring close with the heavyweight elite as the -90kg, -100kg and +100kg men will be joined in action by the leading -78kg and +78kg women. 



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-63kg: BELLARD battles to Baku gold    

Paris Grand Slam silver medallist Anne-Laure BELLARD (FRA) defeated Samsun Grand Prix winner Kathrin UNTERWURZACHER (AUT) in the first final of the day. In a contest which pitted youth against experience, BELLARD, 32, was all but out of the contest entering the final minute with three shido penalties against her and UNTERWURZACHER, 21, boasting an unblemished record. Despite her considerable advantage, UNTERWURZACHER - who should have really been out of sight by the end of the four minutes - conceded three penalties for passivity as she visibly tired in the closing seconds. The Austrian had nothing in reserve in golden score and received a fourth and final shido for passivity after 28 seconds.  



In the first semi-final world bronze medallist and top seed Anicka VAN EMDEN (NED) was dispatched by BELLARD (FRA) who broke the deadlock of two shido penalties apiece by registering a yuko in the last minute. At the same stage UNTERWURZACHER bested the ever-improving Tbilisi Grand Prix winner Edwige GWEND (ITA) to stake her claim for success in the final block. GWEND trailed by two shido penalties for going out of the area and passivity which gave the Austrian a lift and she took command with a waza-ari score before GWEND scored a consolation yuko.


The first bronze medal was won by GWEND who defeated the plucky 17-year-old Szabina GERCSAK (HUN). Cadet world champion GERCSAK, who recently made her breakthrough by earning bronze medal at the Samsun Grand Prix, was caught for a waza-ari from an ouchi-gari with a minute left in the only score of the contest. The second bronze medal was claimed by VAN EMDEN who inflicted a second successive defeat against Hungariy. VAN EMDEN contained European u23 Championships bronze medallist Franciska SZABO with ease and produced two yuko scores for a comfortle victory. 


BELLARD, Anne-Laure (FRA) vs UNTERWURZACHER, Kathrin (AUT)                  

Bronze Medal Fights

GWEND, Edwige (ITA) vs GERCSAK, Szabina (HUN)          
VAN EMDEN, Anicka (NED) vs SZABO, Franciska (HUN)                



Final Results

1. BELLARD, Anne-Laure (FRA)              
2. UNTERWURZACHER, Kathrin (AUT)                    
3. GWEND, Edwige (ITA)                  
3. VAN EMDEN, Anicka (NED)                
5. GERCSAK, Szabina (HUN)                            
5. SZABO, Franciska (HUN)                               
7. DREXLER, Hilde (AUT)           
7. ZOUAK, Rizlen (MAR)         


-70kg: European champion POLLING extends world lead 

European kingpin Kim POLLING (NED) extended her lead at the top of the world ranking list by defeating Samsun Grand Prix runner-up Sally CONWAY (GBR). POLLING, who entered the competition 600 points clear of her nearest rival, Germany’s Laura VARGAS-KOCH, scored a waza-ari from an ippon seoi-nage which world number seven CONWAY initially rested but the strength of the Dutchwoman eventually brought the Brit onto her back. CONWAY defended several uchi-mata attempts and worked diligently on the ground but her opponent was equal to those attacks.   



The first semi-final matched the recently crowned European champion POLLING against the reigning African champion Assmaa NIANG (MAR). Dutch ace POLLING received a shido for a false attack and NIANG infringed shortly after for passivity. The top seed countered an ouchi-gari attempt from NIANG to bring her down for ippon. In the second semi-final CONWAY defeated Warsaw European Open bronze medallist Heide WOLLERT (GER) with a come-from-behind victory. The British judoka scored a yuko from an uchi-mata to level the scoring after WOLLERT was first to register but the German fighter crucially conceded a shido penalty for a false attack to gift CONWAY a place in the final.

The first bronze medal was claimed by WOLLERT who strolled past Rome European bronze medallist Anka POGACNIK (SLO) by pinning her down with mune-gatame in the second minute with minimal resistance. The second bronze medal was destined for Poland as former Tokyo Grand Slam bronze medallist Katarzyna KLYS (POL) won a battle of shido penalties against NIANG. The Morrocan received three penalties for an overly defensive posture, not taking a grip and passivity while her opponent received one penalty for her negative posture.   

POLLING, Kim (NED) vs CONWAY, Sally (GBR)                           

Bronze Medal Fights
WOLLERT, Heide (GER) vs POGACNIK, Anka (SLO)          
KLYS, Katarzyna (POL) vs NIANG, Assmaa (MAR)                     



Final Results

1. POLLING, Kim (NED)                                
2. CONWAY, Sally (GBR)                         
3. WOLLERT, Heide (GER)              
3. KLYS, Katarzyna (POL)                 
5. POGACNIK, Anka (SLO)                             
5. NIANG, Assmaa (MAR)                               
7. WILDIKAN, Lior (ISR)             
7. CANTONI, Giulia (ITA)          



-73kg: Irresistible MUKI thrills for Israel     

Dusseldorf Grand Prix silver medallist Sagi MUKI (ISR) was unstoppable in the -73kg category as he bested Buenos Aires Pan American Open silver medallist Florent URANI (FRA). URANI, 23, already assured of his first Grand Slam medal, had the misfortune of meeting MUKI, 21, who was in devastating form as he threw with ease all day long. The Israeli scored ippon after 90 seconds with a crowd-pleasing sode-tsurikomi-goshi to arguably steal the show on day two. 



In the first semi-final Pierre DUPRAT (FRA) slipped to defeat at the hands of MUKI who registered two waza-ari scores with little resistance. Frenchman URANI made sure his country would be represented in the -73kg final as he triumphed against Paris Grand Slam bronze medallist Victor SCVORTOV (UAE). URANI ran the risk of hansoku-make as he received his third shido in the final minute for passivity but SCVORTOV laboured to defeat.


The first bronze medal was clinched by SCVORTOV after a win against Asian star KHASHBAATAR Tsagaanbaatar (MGL) who traded a matside view and the coaching duties which kept him busy on Friday for a tilt at -73kg honours. SCVORTOV scored a waza-ari with ko-uchi-gari after two minutes and despite a battling performance KHASHBAATAR was unable to reply. The second bronze medal was won by ORUJOV Rustam (AZE) who narrowly edged DUPRAT in front of his delighted compatriots. The decisive moment saw the Frenchman receive a shido for an overly positive posture in a scoreless contest as ORUJOV - who lost out to eventual Olympic champion Mansur ISAEV (RUS) in London – earned his country’s first medal on day two of his home Grand Slam.  


MUKI, Sagi (ISR) vs URANI, Florent (FRA)               

Bronze Medal Fights
SCVORTOV, Victor (UAE) vs KHASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar (MGL)         
DUPRAT, Pierre (FRA) vs ORUJOV, Rustam (AZE)                                   



Final Result

1. MUKI, Sagi (ISR)                               
2. URANI, Florent (FRA)                           
3. SCVORTOV, Victor (UAE)                     
3. ORUJOV, Rustam (AZE)                            
5. KHASHBAATAR, Tsagaanbaatar (MGL)                              
5. DUPRAT, Pierre (FRA)                
7. SHOMURODOV, Sarvar (UZB)            
7. MOLLAEI, Saeid (IRI)          


-81kg: Russia's KHUBETSOV earns gold  

Reigning Baku Grand Slam bronze medallist Alan KHUBETSOV (RUS) reigned in the -81kg category as he conquered Tbilisi Grand Prix bronze medallist Ushangi MARGIANI (GEO) in the final. The contest featured two of the brightest talents in the category and they are slowly making their way up the pecking order in their national ranks and establishing themselves at this level. In front of the watching Russian General Team Manager Ezio GAMBA, his charge KHUBETSOV, 20, was able to squeeze out MARGIANI, 20, by a yuko – the only score of the contest – as both judoka finished the contest with three shido penalties. 



In the first semi-final Olympic bronze medallist Antoine VALOIS-FORTIER (CAN) was beaten by KHUBETSOV who scored a waza-ari in the final 30 seconds to seal a place in the gold medal contest. In the second semi-final MARGIANI blocked the passage of Qingdao Grand Prix bronze medallist Arsen PSHMAKHOV (RUS) to deny an all-Russian final in a physical onslaught where neither judoka backed down. PSHMAKHOV received shido penalties for a false attack and passivity while his opponent only received one shido for passivity as the dup could only be separated on penalties after five minutes of committed action.


The first bronze medal was won by Junior world championships bronze medallist Mammadali MEHDIYEV (AZE) as PSHMAKHOV ran out of ideas after his tactics failed to impose himself in the contest. PSHMAKHOV received three shido penalties as he kept his leg between those of his opponent and offered little in an attacking capacity. MEHDIYEV was penalised twice as he tried to protect his advantage but held on to please the capacity crowd. The second bronze medal was captured by VALOIS-FORTIER who outlasted Abu Dhabi Grand Prix bronze medallist Yakhyo IMAMOV (UZB) in a tense contest that was settled by penalties. IMAMOV infringed for a fourth and final time for passivity, one more indiscretion than his rival, to receive hansoku-make.  


KHUBETSOV, Alan (RUS) vs MARGIANI, Ushangi (GEO)                

Bronze Medal Fights

PSHMAKHOV, Arsen (RUS) vs MEHDIYEV, Mammadali (AZE)   
VALOIS-FORTIER, Antoine (CAN) vs IMAMOV, Yakhyo (UZB)          



Final Result

1. KHUBETSOV, Alan (RUS)               
2. MARGIANI, Ushangi (GEO)              
3. MEHDIYEV, Mammadali (AZE)               
5. PSHMAKHOV, Arsen (RUS)                  
5. IMAMOV, Yakhyo (UZB)                               
7. REKHVIASHVILI, Zebeda (GEO)          
7. CONRAD, Hannes (GER)         



10:00 Preliminaries on three tatami
17:00 Final block on one tatami


Women: -78kg, +78kg

Men: -90kg, -100kg, +100kg


Location: Sarhadchi Olympic Sport Centre

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