2014 Chelyabinsk World Championship Previews - Women: -48kg to +78kg Back

August 18, 2014

2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships Previews -48kg to +78kg

The -48kg division is likely to see a either Mongolia's 2013 World Champion Urantsetseg Munkhbat or Brazil's 2012 Olympic Champion Sarah Menezes take the gold. As it is, their IJF ranking is 1st and 2nd place.

Munkhbat, who is very unorthodox and has many sankaku variations probably has a slight advantage due to her very strong groundwork.

The relative newcomer from Japan, Ami Kondo, might prove to be a dark horse. She is not ranked in the Top 10 but in the 2013 Tokyo Grand Slam, she managed to beat both Munkhbat and Menezes.
2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships Preview -52kg
There is one clear favorite in the -52kg and that's Kosovo's Majlinda Kelmendi.

Japan's Yuki Hashimoto had given Kelmendi some difficulty in the 2013 Rio World Championships (Kelmendi won by penalties) but Kelmendi, with her very powerful uchimata, is head and shoulders above the pack and is very likely to win the gold.

2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships Preview -57kg

The -57kg division has a lot of top contenders, namely Germany's Miryam Roper, Brazil's Rafaela Silva and France's Automne Pavia. But with Japan's World and Olympic Champion Koari Matsumoto making a comeback, the smart money's on Japan winning the gold.

2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships Preview -63kg

The defending World Champion is Israel's Yarden Gerbi, who had won her world title win spectacular fashion, using an unorthodox strangle that is now considered illegal. She also has good throwing capabilities.

However, since winning in Rio in 2013, Gerbi has not done so well in the IJF world circuit. France's young rising star Clarisse Agbegnenou, the 2014 Paris Grand Slam winner, is a better bet for the gold.
2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships Preview -70kg
The top favorite in this category is the Netherlands' Kim Polling.

In the past two years, she has only been beaten twice, by Japan's Chizuru Arai and South Korea's Kim Seong-Yeon.

Neither one will be in Chelyabinsk.

2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships Preview -78kg

With American World and Olympic Champion Kayla Harrison making a comeback, it looks like the -78kg gold will go to the USA.

France's Audrey Tcheumeo, of course, is a top contender too. She might also find strong resistance from Colombia's double World Champion Yuri Alvear. They had fought three times in 2013 and the Colombian won twice.

But the smart money is still on Harrison for gold.

2014 Chelyabinsk World Championships Preview +78kg

Japan's Megumi Tachimoto is ranked 3rd but she has been doing very well lately, winning the 2013 Tokyo Grand Slam and the 2014 Dusseldorf Grand Prix.

Cuba's Idalyis Ortiz is ranked 1st and is certainly a favorite but she has not won any IJF circuit tournament since winning the gold in the 2013 Rio World Championships.

Tachimoto and Ortiz have fought many time. Out of seven encounters, the Japanese player won five times.

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