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August 18, 2014

Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing 2014

DAY 2 of the Judo Competition - Gold for Brazil, Russia and Hungary



The second day of the judo competition at the Youth Olympic Games, Nanjing 2014, started with three more categories sharing the tatami at the Longjiang Gymnasium. The Chinese public saw the Men's -81kg and Women's -52kg and -63kg in action.



Judo Animations at the Village

Before the start of the competition, Lucie Decosse, Athlete Role Model of this second edition of the Games, Olympic and World Champion, and Ruben Houkes, Athlete Role Model four years ago in Singapore, World Champion and Olympic Medallist, participated in the first judo initiation session at the Athletes Village. They were accompanied by Larisa Kiss, Director of the IJF Presidential Office and Nicolas Messner, IJF Media and Judo for Peace Director.


The Initiation session are meant to give the opportunity to athletes from different disciplines to discover new sports. As judo is recognized as a highly educational activity, the focus was particularly put on the judo values and both Lucie Decosse and Ruben Houkes enjoyed sharing their own experience with the future generations of champions. « The session went very well. It was perfect and I was happy to see that all young participants were laughing. For some of them it must have been a little strange to step for the first time of their life on a tatami, but after 30 seconds, they just enjoyed themselves », said Ruben Houkes before adding: « It’s a beautiful way to promote our sport. This was really cool to show judo to people from diving, athletics or equestrian. »



More than 50 young athletes and their coaches participated in the activity during more than an hour. Organized in the village, the sports animation sessions are open to all participants of the games, the idea being to give a taste of sports to people who never had the chance to discover them before.


Thanks to the help of the Chinese Judo Association, which provided the tatami and the judogi and to the Organizing Committee of the YOG, the animation was a great success. To add more value to the animation, the IJF had also designed rollups that summaries what is judo today, where it comes from and what are the values that judo wants to share within the society.


Polly, who is a young athlete from the Cayman Islands participating in the Equestrian competition, said: « It was so fun. I didn’t imagine that before I stepped on the mat. I knew a little about judo because my dad told me about it. He used to practice when he was a kid. I like that in judo, you can not hit or kick, it is safe. It was really cool. » Her coach was also happy because since the beginning of the games, she was not able to convinced her athlete to take part in any activity other than equestrian: « But today, suddenly she decided to try judo and she obviously really enjoyed it. »



Tracey from the US delegation is a diving coach and this morning she also decided to try judo with Ruben and Lucie: « I was thrilled to practice judo. I have never done that before and I was a little afraid. But at the end, I found that very interesting. The values are great. It is good for our athletes to have the opportunity to discover other sports and to experience some new learning processes. This is a great initiative. Thank you to all the organizers. »


Three more sessions are planned in the village in the upcoming days and the IJF will also participate in judo demonstrations in one big shopping center, downtown Nanjing.


Judo Attracts VIP

Today was a big day for judo as the IOC President, Mr. Thomas Bach, paid a visit to the Longjiang Gymnasium to watch the competition. For more than 2 hours, he enjoyed watching young athletes fighting for a medal but also respecting the rules and the fairplay of the Games. Prince Albert of Monaco was also present during the day, as he was cheering for his athlete who was the flag bearer of the Monaco delegation during the opening ceremony. Among the other personalities who were present in the stadium today, was Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of the RIO 2016 Organizing Committee and NOC President. Levan Kipiani, Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia, was also present all day long at the judo venu.


Left: Prince Albert II of Monaco | Center (from left to rigth): Mr. Nasser Al Tamimi, IJF General Treasurer, Mr. Thomas Bach, IOC President, Mr. Obaid Al Anzi, JUA President | Right: Mr. Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of Rio 2016, Mr. Paulo Wanderley, PJC President 


Olympic Champion and ‘Chef de Mission’

Just before the final block of this second day of competition started, Mark Huizinga, Judo Olympic Champion, answered these IJF questions.


- IJF: Mark, could you please explain what is your mission here in Nanjing?

- Mark Huizinga: I am the Chef de Mission of the whole Dutch delegation. It means that I am not only in charge of Judo but of all the sports in which we have competitors engaged.


- IJF: How do you feel in this new role?
- MH: It feel good actually. It is a nice role. We have started the whole project more than a year and a half ago, together with the Dutch Olympic Committee and I was happy to be designated as the Chef de Mission. During all that period we prepared for the Games, we identified our new talents in all the sports. You know, the YOG are still quite a new event and not all the federations were aware of the specific rules that apply here.



- IJF: And how do you feel to be here now?
- MH: It’s good to finally be here in Nanjing and to see the results of all the work that we have been done over the past months. It feel great to be where the action is. I am really happy to be in close contact with all the different coaches, and today is a special day for me as we have our two judoka engaged in the tournament.


- IJF: How do you manage to do that as a judo champion?
- MH: It’s not so complicated. I have full confidence in my judo coaches. We exchange a lot of course, but I don’t intervene in their job. Of course, I couldn’t resist to help our athletes to warm up a little (laugh).


- IJF: How do you feel about the Games?
- MH: Honestly, these Games are real Games and it offers an outstanding experience to our young athletes. They can learn and have a taste of what they will discover later in their career I hope. The opening, the dining hall, the village, everything is similar. When our athletes will go the Olympics, they will already know how it works and it will take off part of the pressure. This is very useful.




Women’s -52kg: Brazil Tops the Podium

The final opposed Layana COLMAN (BRA) and Betina TEMELKOVA (BUL). More active than her opponent, Layana COLMAN in a little more than a minute accompanied Betina TEMELKOVA to the ground and applied an unstoppable arm-lock for ippon.



In the first bronze medal fight, LIU Xiaoyu (CHN) was up against Marusa STANGAR (SLO). The Chinese, inspired by the bronze medal of her teammate yesterday, was hoping to step on podium in front of her public, but STANGAR quickly apply a strangulation for ippon. The second bronze medal went to LEE Hyekyeong (KOR) who defeated Mariam JANASHVILI (GEO) with o-uchi-gari for ippon.


COLMAN, Layana (BRA) vs. TEMELKOVA, Betina (BUL)


Bronze Medal Fights
LIU, Xiaoyu (CHN) vs. STANGAR, Marusa (SLO)
LEE, Hyekyeong (KOR) vs. JANASHVILI, Mariam (GEO)



Final Results
1. COLMAN, Layana (BRA)
2. TEMELKOVA, Betina (BUL)
3. LEE, Hyekyeong (KOR)
3. STANGAR, Marusa (SLO)
5. LIU, Xiaoyu (CHN)
7. ELIZECHE, Ayelen (ARG)


Men’s -81kg: The Title Goes to Russia

The final was between Mikhail IGOLNIKOV (RUS) and Tamazi KIRAKOZASHVILI (GEO). During the first seconds of the match, both fighters showed their will to become the new Youth Olympic Champion but after three minutes, the only difference was two penalties given to the Georgian for false attacks when the Russian, still had a scoreboard free of any penalties. This little difference made IGOLNIKOV happy and KIRAKOZASHVILI sad, as the Russian young athlete won the title.



The first bronze medal fight between Arso MILIC (MNE) and Frank DE WIT (NED) was rapidly concluded as Frank DE WIT from the Netherlands applied a precise ko-soto-gake for ippon. In the second bronze medal fight, after 2 minutes, Ivan Felipe SILVA MORALES from Cuba was a waza-ari ahead. Keeping this advantage alive until the end of the medal contest, despite the efforts of Nemanja MAJDOV (SRB), MORALES won the bronze.




Bronze Medal Fights
MILIC, Arso (MNE) vs. DE WIT, Frank (NED)
SILVA MORALES, Ivan Felipe (CUB) vs. MAJDOV, Nemanja (SRB)



Final Results
1. IGOLNIKOV, Mikhail (RUS)
3. DE WIT, Frank (NED)
3. SILVA MORALES, Ivan Felipe (CUB)
5. MAJDOV, Nemanja (SRB)
5. MILIC, Arso (MNE)
7. BUBANJA, Marko (AUT)


Women’s -63kg: GERCSAK from Hungary Too Strong for her Opposition

The last final of the day, saw Stefania Adelina DOBRE (ROU) against the strong Szabina GERCSAK (HUN). After 50 seconds, DOBRE was penalized for stepping outside of the fighting area, and received again two more penalties a few second later, just before GERCSAK took a real advantage with a yuko. She doubled this advantage with a ko-soto-gake before finally scoring a superb arai-goshi for ippon.



The first bronze medal fight saw Jennifer SCHWILLE (GER) and Lisa MULLENBERG (NED) fighting for a chance to be on the podium. SCHWILLE scored the fist with the hip movement for yuko. Then MULLENBERG was disqualified after having applied a forbidden technic, giving the immediate victory to the German. The second bronze medal fight opposed Michaela POLLERES (AUT) and Jessica KLIMKAIT (CAN). Even if the Canadian was the most dangerous throughout the fight, she couldn’t avoid making too many false attacks and was penalized more than the Austrian, who won the bronze.


DOBRE, Stefania Adelina (ROU) vs. GERCSAK, Szabina (HUN)


Bronze Medal Fights
POLLERES, Michaela (AUT) vs. KLIMKAIT, Jessica (CAN)



Final Results
1. GERCSAK, Szabina (HUN)
2. DOBRE, Stefania Adelina (ROU)
3. POLLERES, Michaela (AUT)
3. SCHWILLE, Jennifer (GER)
5. KLIMKAIT, Jessica (CAN)
7. CARABALI, Brigitte (COL)
7. SUNJEVIC, Ivana (MNE)



Competition Program

August 19

Girls -78kg / Boys -100kg

13:00 - Preliminaries on 1 mat / 18:00 - Final block on 1 mat


August 20

Draw mixed team competition


August 21

Mixed team event competition

12:00 - Preliminaries on 2 mats / 18:00 - Semi finals on 2 mats, final on 1 mat


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