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August 15, 2014

The Taste of the Games - August 15, 2014



Even if the second edition of the Youth Olympic Games only officially starts tomorrow in Nanjing, China, with the Opening Ceremony, today was an important day for judo as the official draw of the competition took place at the YOG Village. The coaches of the 68 delegations who are present in Nanjing, representing 103 athletes who will compete in 8 weight categories (4 male and 4 female categories), gathered together to follow this crucial moment before the competitions start on August 17th.


A Rich Sporting, Educational and Cultural Program

During his opening speech, Mr. Mohamed Meridja, IJF Education and Coaching Director, who was representing Mr. Marius Vizer, the IJF President, said: "Dear Guests, dear Mr. Obaid Al Anzi, President of the Judo Union of Asia, Mr. Lennie Niit, President of the Oceania Judo Union, Mr. Paulo Wanderley, President of the Panamerican Judo Confederation, Mr. Vladimir Barta, IJF Head Sports Director, Mr. Armen Bagadasarov, IJF Sports Director, Mr. Bernd Achilles, IJF Refereeing Director, dear judo friends.


On behalf of our President, Mr. Marius Vizer, I am very glad to welcome you to this official draw. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my best compliments to Nanjing for hosting this event and for welcoming us with open arms. Mr. Vizer would like to congratulate the organizing committee and the IOC for the excellent job which has been achieved so far in order to make this event a huge success.


The judo venue is getting ready for the competition


He would also like to extend his appreciation for the rich educational and cultural program that has been planned on the occasion of the Youth Olympic Games. We are confident that our young judoka will develop positive exchanges with their opponents. They will participate in the Games, but not only to win a medal, but above all to gain experience and to share our judo values and the Olympic values.


These games belong to the youth. They are the hosts of the present, and the ambassadors of the future. We do hope that the Games will give birth to champions and role models. Our vision aims to put on the stage the sport which places culture, education and respect as its core priorities. I would like to conclude by wishing much success to all our athletes. We hope that at the end of the YOG, they will make many new friends and share memorable times together."


The Athletes' Village


This Judo Competition Will Contribute to the Development of Judo 

Mr. Shen Zhigang, Vice President of the Chinese Judo Association, declared: "Together with the leadership of the IJF and with the Chinese Judo Association, we are confident to organize a successful edition of the judo event. I sincerely welcome all of you to Nanjing. This judo competition will contribute to the development of judo in our country and worldwide. Nanjing has a long history but it is a modern city as well. During six dynasties, Nanjing was the capital of China and the culture heritage is enormous. I wish that all of you will also have the possibility to experience and discover that heritage."



Outstanding Platform for Culture Exchanges

Before the start of the official part of the draw, Mr. Zhou Jiaun, General Secretary of the Longjiang Gymnasium Venue Team, also took the floor and said: "Once again I also want to warmly welcome all of you to our magnificent city and to the Longjiang Gymnasium. Since 1995, we have been organizing several important sporting events in this venue and we are really proud that we will host the judo competition of the YOG this year. The Youth Olympic Games are an outstanding platform for culture exchanges and not only for sporting events. It is a great honor to work together for the success of the tournament."


The official draw


The Draw

The draw was introduced by Vladimir Barta, the IJF Head Sports Director: "I am happy to see all of you again here in Nanjing. A few weeks ago we were all together in Fiesch, Switzerland, for the preparation training camp, organized by Sergei Aschwanden, Olympic medallist, and his team, and by the IJF with the support of the Olympic Solidarity and the IOC. Today we are having the draw of the individual competition but on the 20th, we will meet again for the draw of the team event. This event is really important and generates an incredible atmosphere. So far, everything is running very smoothly and the venue looks really great."


The draw itself was led by Armen Bagdasarov, the IJF Sports Director, and the IJF IT team. Discover the draw tables at: http://www.ippon.org/yog2014.php


First Impressions

After the draw, the Haitian coach, Ms. Gina Sully, explained: "It is the very first time that I am participating in such an event. I am really impressed. Even if we are faced with the language barrier, everybody is really kind and tries to help us as much as possible. For my athlete, it’s going to be an incredible experience. She is in good condition and I hope that she will perform."


A few weeks prior to the YOG, Haiti was among the 70 delegations invited to take part in the training camp

in Fiesch, Switzerland


For Mihanta Sandrinah Andriamifehy, who will compete for Madagascar, it was also a special day: "I was really moved while following the draw today. I've never experienced that in my life before. I will try to give my best and I am so happy to be here in Nanjing, even if I am a bit stressed. I don’t feel completely ready yet, but for sure I will be when I will hear the first ‘hadjime’."


For the coach of the Zambian delegation, the cultural difference is huge but everything is well organized to help the athletes to be ready on time: "We have a six hours time difference with our country. It’s a new experience for my athlete. We have been in the athletes’ village for four days now, and I must say that everything looks perfect. The Chinese people are really peaceful and helpful. The village looks really amazing and we are looking forward to the opening ceremony."


Miguel Angel Chamizo, coach of the Guatemala delegation, also underlined the level of the organization: "It’s incredible to see how much effort has been put into the organization. Every single detail is taken care of. The food is excellent, the competition venue is really beautiful, with a lot of space. This is brilliant. It is not only a premier for my athlete but for me as well, and thanks to the IJF, our participation at the Sergei Aschwanden training camp, just prior to the Games, gave us really good opportunities to create strong bonds with other delegations. I wish we would have more camps like that. Today, we could really have a strong taste of the Games."



Competition Program

August 17

Girls -44kg / Boys -55kg, -66kg

13:00 - Preliminaries on 2 mats / 18:00 - Final block on 1 mat


August 18

Girls -52kg, -63kg / Boys -81kg

13:00 - Preliminaries on 2 mats / 18:00 - Final block on 1 mat


August 19

Girls -78kg / Boys -100kg

13:00 - Preliminaries on 1 mat / 18:00 - Final block on 1 mat


August 20

Draw mixed team competition


August 21

Mixed team event competition

12:00 - Preliminaries on 2 mats / 18:00 - Semi finals on 2 mats, final on 1 mat


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