December 8, 2015


7 Dec 2015 13:05

 IJF Media Department
20151206_TokyoGS_Marius Vizer

On the occasion of this last day of competition at the 2015 Tokyo Grand Slam, IJF President Marius Vizer spoke about the possibility to have the team event at the Olympic Games in 2020.

Vizer: "I am convinced that the team event at the Olympic Games can only increase the value of our sport and be beneficial for everyone. We are ready with the project and we will as soon as possible make the proposition to the IOC. I hope that this will become a reality. We have several options with separated teams, men and women, or mixed teams."

Vizer also added some comments about the possibility to have the World Championships coming back to Japan in 2019: "The next World Championships will be held in Budapest, Hungary, in 2017. For 2018 and 2019, the bidding process is still open and we have very good candidates with France, USA, Russia, Azerbaijan, Morocco and other places as well. Of course, Japan is also a candidate for the organisation in 2019, which would be very good because we could combine the World Championships and the test event for the 2020 Games. This is very important for the athletes, the coaches, the referees and the organisers. The decision will be taken at the Executive Committee meeting that will be held just prior to the Rio Games."

In regard to the judo rules Vizer stated: "After the Rio Games, we have already planned to draw the conclusions of the last four years of activity. Based on that experience, the technical and refereeing rules will be dissected and evaluated. The perfect system does not exist and we are going to correct what did not work correctly. What is sure is that we will do our best for the development and transparency of our sport and for the benefit of the athletes."

"In the last Olympic cycle, judo has been developing a lot throughout the planet, in all five continents. New countries with very good judoka appeared on the international scene. Thanks to the IJF development strategy, we have been helping a lot of nations. Our objective after Rio is to develop a worldwide JUDO FOR ALL program. We don’t want to only focus on the elite of our sport but we want to be present in the society as well. We have to deliver our best to transfer the judo values to the society, because at the end our values are more important than a title. Our mission is not only to generate champions, but rather champions for the society."

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