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September 20, 2015

Kata World Championships 2015, Amsterdam




The Kata World Championships 2015 came to a conclusion on Sunday with the final two kata being decided at Amsterdam’s Sporthallen Zuid.


The two-day Kata Championships, which will be followed by the Veteran World Championships in Amsterdam from Monday 21 – Thursday 24 September, featured Kime no kata and Goshin Jutsu as Japan looked to maintain their 100% winning record from day one.


Kime no kata is a series of self-defense oriented katas in judo. Kime no kata is composed of 8 techniques from a kneeling posture (idori waza), and 12 techniques from a standing position (tachi waza). Both sets of techniques contain defences for both armed and empty-handed attacks.



Iran (above) won Kime no kata silver medals


Goshin Jutsu is a set of prearranged self-defence forms in judo. It is the most recent kata of judo, having been created in 1956. It incorporates techniques from aikido and consists of several techniques to defend oneself from unarmed attacks and attacks with weapons.


Mr. Franco CAPELLETTI, IJF Kata Commission Director and IJF Hall of Famer, hailed the competition as a success and highlighted the ever-increasing participation level.


"I thought the competition was good, it is a very good occasion for all the competitors. Every year the event is strong, this year we had 30 countries competing and we expect this to continue.


"For me kata is not only about competition, it is fantastic to give motivation to all judoka and coaches in clubs to introduce this model of judo. I hope kata can continue to thrive and integrated more into society.”



South Korea (above) took bronze in Goshin Jutsu


The Veteran World Championships now takes over the Sporthallen Zuid from Monday morning and judo fans can watch live on www.ippon.tv 


Japan’s kata practitioners showed their expertise all weekend long. The Kime no kata world title went to the Land of the Rising Sun as the pairing of TAKEISHI Kenji and UEMATSU Koji resisted Iran and France who had to settle for silver and bronze respectively. 


The Kata World Championships were commanded by Japan in front of Mr. UEMURA Haruki, Kodokan Judo Institute President, IJF Executive Committee Member and Montreal 1976 Olympic champion. 





Japan won their fifth kata world title as the pairing of MIYAMOTO Hideki and WATANABE Masaki received the highest number of points from the judges. The pair impressed to win their third world title as they narrowly defeated Italy and South Korea who finished with silver and bronze respectively. 


Three-time kata world champion WATANABE, 42 - a police officer in his native Kyoto - started judo at the age of 6 and focused on kata three years ago. "I am very happy with our result today. Every year the level of competition is stronger and it is a very difficult competition for all countries.


"I am very proud of the results of the Japanese team," added WATANABE. 





Monday – Veterans 

Categories: M6, M7, M8, M9


Tuesday – Veterans

Categories: M1, M3


Wednesday - Veterans

Categories: M4, M5


Thursday - Veterans

Categories: M2/All women’s divisions


Location: Sporthallen Zuid 

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