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March 23, 2015

23 March 2015

The Judo World Will Meet in Budapest in 2017

Today, the signature of the contract for the Judo World Championships Individual and Teams and the IJF Congress in 2017 took place in Budapest at the Ministry of Sport.


Mr. Marius Vizer, the IJF President, signed the contract with Mr. Laszlo Toth, the Hungarian Judo Federation President. Mr. Vizer also signed a protocol agreement with Mr. Laszlo Simicsko, Secretary of State for Sports in the Hungarian Government.

This protocol stipulates that the Hungarian Government will support and approve the organization of the 2017 Judo World Championships to be held in Budapest.


For the First Time in History

Mr. Marius Vizer declared: "In 2017, the Judo World Championships will be organized for the first time in history in Budapest. I am convinced that Hungary will organize a successful World Championship, especially with the possibility of candidature for the 2024 Olympic Games and also given the successful history of judo in Hungary.

On behalf of the International Judo Federation, I would like to thank the Hungarian Government for their support and also the Hungarian Judo Association for their continuous efforts toward the development of our sport in Hungary. I believe that this event will provide an excellent opportunity for the promotion of Judo in Hungary and for showcasing the performances of the best Hungarian judokas.


At the same time, I hope that this event will have added value for the entire international Judo Community, giving us, the participants and the International Judo Federation, as organization, satisfaction at all levels."



Mr. Marius Vizer (left) and Mr. Laszlo Simicsko (right) today in Budapest



Hungarian Sports Reached a Milestone

Mr. Laszlo Toth said: "Hungarian sports have been supported at a high level, including judo, by the Hungarian Government since Hungarian Judo exceedingly performed in London 2012: we reached third place in the Hungarian Olympic Sports ranking list. Hungarian judo and also Hungarian Sports have reached a milestone today with the signing of the contract between the International Judo Federation and the Hungarian Judo Association. It officially declares that the IJF Congress and World Senior Judo Individual and Team Championships will be held in Budapest, Hungary, in 2017.


Hungarian Judo Association has had experience in the field of organizing international judo competitions since it already organized World Championships for all age groups except for the Seniors. Our association organized the European Senior Judo Individual and Team Championships in Budapest in 2013, and this event was awarded as the best European judo event by the EJU.

It is an honor for us that the first Grand Prix in Budapest, last year, was the second best event amongst Grand Slams and Grand Prix in 2014. In my opinion, it is very important to hold international judo competitions in our country, because children and youth can meet with world class judoka and they may try to practice our sport. Hopefully, after 10-15 years, we will see them on the tatami of top international judo events and they might reach worldwide results."



Mr. Marius Vizer (left) and Mr. Laszlo Toth (right) today in Budapest

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