Judophotos Work Examples & Tear Sheets

Addidas 2014 calendar featuring thirteen Judophotos pictures from the 2013 Rio World
Championships, front cover to the German Judo Magazin,
an Ashley McKenzie picture
used in The Telegraph newspaper
and a Chris Sherrington picture used in the "MailOnLine"

Front cover to "Judo in the U.S", Slovenian Judo Federation people carrier, "SW6" upmarket Chelsea
magazine and the Scottish "Daily Record" featuring Euan Burton and Gemma Gibbons

Sergei Aschwanden on the front of the Swiss Judo Magazine, a tee shirt promoting the
Toronto Hatashita International competition and a Sarah Adlington picture in The Guardian

Front cover of the Japanese edition of "Strength & Conditioning" magazine, a  poster for the Hamburg
Otto World Cup and a picture of Ashley McKenzie used in "The Sun".

Front covers of the academic "Journal of Asian Martial Arts"
featuring Scotland's 10th dan, George Kerr CBE and the Russian
Judo magazine "Judo World"

Front covers of the Dutch "Judo Visie" magazine and the
Italian "Judo Magazine"

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